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Feds have taken control of NICS!

I live in upstate NY and have had a CCW permit for 10 yrs. So I went and bought a shotgun to do a little small game hunting, asked if they needed to see my pistol permit. He said no, we have to do a NICS background check. Well, I was denied! Now I have to send in an appeal form to find out the reason for the denial. It most likely is due to an arrest when I was 16 but I had it adjudicated to "youthful offender" status and the record was sealed. I'm now almost 60 yrs. old! This issue also came up when I applied for my pistol permit and I sent the judge the legal papers stating the above and my permit was approved.

After doing some research, I discovered that in 05 the feds sent a letter to all FFL's in NYS stating that a valid pistol permit could no longer be used as an alternative to a NICS check.

I called NICS, they told me to send in the appeal form and if I wanted to "speed up" the process I should go to my local sherriff's dept. get printed and send the prints in with the form.

I'm not going to bother going through all that crap, I have a good supply of handguns. But due to this "technical change" I cannot buy any more guns even though I have a valid pistol permit!

I was not aware of this change, and thought it might be useful for others who may be in a similar situation.
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