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Rob, a couple of guys that shoot PPC use them in the Distinguished Semi Auto match. Now those guys are excellent shooters, mind you, but that gun rocks the course! I have seen the one shooter shoot a 599 out of 600, with a high x count. The gun feels great, the trigger is smooth, and it is definately accurate. For PPC this is really the only match it can be used for, duty semi auto requires a double action first round, and the 1500 you could use it, but with other 1500 designed pistols there is not much use. Besides, Smith makes a 5906 based single action PPC gun, that too is real nice, yet the safety takes a bit to get used to. Prices on the 945 have come down, I have seen them for $1100 or so. Shop around, in NC, go to Ed's Guns in Southern Pines for the best price in the state.
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