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I would help us to know what you plan to shoot in the way of handguns, and what gear you already have. The Glock is the dominant SSP model as a rule, with HK, Sig, and Beretta following. You can download the IDPA rulebook from the website , or read the rules online, to get a list of approved holsters (many), and allowed gun modifications.

Basically, in SSP (Stock Service Pistol), few modifications are really allowed, beyond grip changes, trigger jobs, aftermarket sights (no fiber optics or half-moon rears like Ashley), and things like guide rods and springs.

ESP and CDP are more lenient in the way of mods. You can have mag wells, for ex. No tungsten guide rods or full length dust covers, though.

As I said, there are many approved holsters, and many shooters like to use what they carry with, if it's approved. The overwhelming favorite in my observation, are the kydex holsters like Blade-Tech, SideArmor, etc. I use the Blade-Tech paddle for my Glock 19/22 (or my B-T iwb model), and a Hellweg Kydex model with adjustable backplate for my 1911. I use either Galco or BladeTech mag pouches. Kydex is fast on the draw, durable, and lightweight. BladeTech: or or

As someone mentioned, 4-6 10 rds mags (or 8 rd 1911) is nice... less reloading between strings. Keep your expensive hi-caps at home... you can't load more than 10 in the mag, so why beat them up?

Have a great time. It's lots of fun Kudos to your wife for being agreeable. I'm glad i didn't have to twist my wife's arm too much.

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