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Interesting. I shoot IDPA at a great club in CA, and haven't had the desire to get into the IPSC arms race. I'm moving to MT, where the closest club is an IPSC one, which is just establishing IDPA too.

I was agonizing about what rig to get for IPSC, but I'm gonna stick with my IDPA gear... Glock and 1911, and to heck with the arms race. I'll either shoot limited or production, and shoot it my way (with tactical emphasis) and for fun. If I get lucky and do well, fine.

In the last month, I've shot IDPA, taken a combative pistol class with Gabe Suarez, and shot a pure tactical match, or rather, an exercise. Guess who did worst in the tactical match? The fastest IDPA shooters. They ran right by "bad guy" targets they didn't even see, shot good guys and hostages, used cover poorly, etc. All stuff that will get you dead in the real world. I, a lowly Sharpshooter (borderline expert), finished second, behind a cop, with a Gunsite veteran taking 3rd.

Sorry for the digression, but there's a point. Even with IDPA's defensive orientation, there's a "win, win, win" mindset among many, that teaches people to cut tactical corners. I do this for fun, but want it to be useful if needed. Tactics that are real-world valuable that I can also apply in matches appeal to me. My impression is that IPSC is far from that. Maybe because it's now a sport, rather than a martial art. So, I'll start to shoot IDPA and eventually IPSC with good tactics as a priority, and winning a distant second. imvho.
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