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Well i just completed my second IDPA match with 4 handgun stages and a 2 stage shotgun sidematch. Note to 1911 fans... MORE LUBE!!

Could not figure it out.. had shot it and made it work flawless at the range.. and first thing saturday morning JAM... a quick trip to the saftey area for some CLP solved the problem and by the last stage NO jams and three magazines through the gun in high winds that blew sand and grit into everything. Still need to work on moving faster through the courses but I think my handling is pretty good. I also think I impressed some of my fellow shooters in the side matches (thanks for the compliment Jeff) I was suprised to see quite a few misses on steels from shooters with some very expensive and "tactical" shotguns SHOOT some clays and pattern your guns kids . Also got to watch as Tom borrowed my shotgun to introduce 2 new shotgunners to the sport. We had a lot of fun.

Looking forward to seeing the match results (great turnout with 3 squads of shooters). Great range facilites and the blind stage was really really cool. Didn't miss SEEING any bad guys but I did manage to MISS SHOOTING at the long range/hidden guy leaning out from the fence.

Thinking of signing up to be a for match safety officer class (damn I'm hooked)


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