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Man we had FUN. Even with the long drive home and frustrating equipment problem Morgan mentioned. I can't think of the last time I had that much fun shooting targets. The first stage my heart was pounding like a jackhammer, I wasn't even concerned about accuracy, just about not violating safety rules etc. I shot a LOT better than I thought i would, and HIGHLy recommend this form of sport shooting. Its a GAS!!

Kathryn and Morgan are both pretty darn good shots too.. hahah and you should SEE Morgan storm the final barricade with an AR-15.

You'll see every kind of handgun at these matchs from Colts, Smith and wessons, Sig's , Glocks, HK's, etc etc etc . One guy was even shooting a SW 625 revolver. And he was REALLY good.

Thanks to Morgan and Dave and Tom for making the safty class and the match a lot of fun.

Repairing my rifle and reloading ammo for the next one,

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