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I just got back home from the Front Range IDPA Owl Canyon match. Two scenario stages, one standards stage, and a rifle side match.

For Kathryn and Dr. Rob, it was their first match ever, and both did astoundingly well!

I was lucky enough to be Safety Officer for their squad, and it really brought back the excitement of my first match. There were three match disqualifications for safety violations today, but no TFL'ers had such problems.

Kathryn was cool, deliberate and accurate with her SIG, and none of the Doctor's patients are complaining . Best of all, I felt perfectly safe scurrying along with them with the timer - excellent gunhandling skills.

Unfortunatly, neither got to shoot the rifle stage - Kathryn needed to go, and Dr. Rob had a frustrating equipment problem.

All in all, a good day, a good match, and good fun. It was nice to meet Kathryn, and finally shoot with Dr. Rob. I'm happy to say neither of them shoot ESP, because I don't need any more competition .
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