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motorep, the rifle stages have targets no further than 25 yards. Still up close and personal. (The average LEO Sniper shot with a rifle is at about 40 yards). I argued for scopes, until I took a CQB tactical rifle course, man did that change my mind. So 5-15 yards is about average. Not SOF courses mind you, defensive. I have an iron sighted shorty you can borrow when we do them.

Bill, you are correct, that is why we call them side matches. They do not factor into the placement for the pistol match. We saw the needs of our shooters. Some have CCWs and carry, but we have many more that have a shotgun or AR for home defense. Our Board all took, and paid for out of our own pockets, tactical rifle and shotgun courses taught by a top trainer (who was a much decorated sniper to boot). So we do still have IDPA. But we also offer a forum for our shooters to practice defensive long-gun tactics in a course of fire. Surely this can not be a bad thing. AND, do you really beleive that noe that Wilson has bought Scattergun and is building defensive ARs and Shotguns that IDPA won't encourage and support defensive long gun matches. We have already discussed the issue with Wilson BTW.

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