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Originally Posted by Hogdogs
Legal in florida... Heck my walmart even sells FMJ hunting rounds.
Why is it "bad ju-ju"? They are a quite decent round...
Brent, no disrespect, but FMJ is not legal in FL for Deer or any other game animal. See regs below from the FL wildlife site.

The relevant part - sorry for the poor cut/paste:

Prohibited methods and equipment for taking game
Centerfire semi-automatic rifles having ■ magazine capacities of
more than five rounds
■ Nonexpanding full metal case (military ball) ammunition for
taking deer
■ Firearms using rimfire cartridges for taking deer
■ Rifles or pistols for taking migratory game birds
■ Fully automatic or silencer-equipped firearm
FMJ is indeed a fine round, but not legal for hunting game animals in any state where I have ever lived. FL, GA, NC, all require expanding bullets for game animals.

FMJ is legal for non-game nuisance animals, such as wild hogs, and is a preferred round in some places for them.
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