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John Forsyth
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IDPA is about taking the equipment out of the equation. You can take a box stock pistol or revolver and be competative at an IDPA match.

IDPA is also flexible enough so that drills or scenarios that may be the thing at my club ,while they may not be at yours, are still within the bounds of the rules. We are in Tennessee, a shall issue state for carry permits. Just about everybody in our club has one. We shoot almost everything from concealment. Our scenarios are geared towards concealed carry.

You may live in a state where concealed carry is not possible legally. You may want to do scenarios more directed towards home defence or shooting drills. That's OK.

The rules are open enough so that clubs have the leeway to do this, and that shooters can come and shoot without having to worry about an equipment race.

Are there any gamers out there? Yep, there sure are. But it does not matter. What is important is to go out and learn and have fun doing it.

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