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Ok so I'm taking my IDPA safty course weds andi was reading the rules about what you can shoot in which category.

I found it really interesting that you CAN'T shoot a 1911 Auto in "stock service pistol" class. I mean REALLY until we hand wondernines and uberglocks and such... ALL WE HAD was 1911's and the occasional war capture 9mm, and then Smith and wesson went and started making guns in that funny european caliber.

OH and my Hi-Power has to be shot in "modified" service class becuase its single action.

Am I missing something here??

Gun Designs from the ww1-ww2 era (1911 and hi power) aren't "stock" even if they are. And "double actions" are common.

I always thought it was HARDER to learn to shoot da/sa than it was to shoot the same pull every time.

AND Now.. I'm wondering where the HELL my custom colt 1991a1/seecamp conversion DA 45 auto will fit in the rules.. if at all??

oh well... just thought I'd mention it.

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