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Tony N,

I bought the frame kit from a USPSA shooter at a bargain, got the rest thru Brownell's. The Frame kit, slide, hammer and sear are STI. The rest is Wilson, Nowlin, MMC etc.

Total cost for parts was around $900, not including magazines. The hard chrome job was about $150. Did about half the work myself and had a club member/gunsmith do the rest. I didn't have to pay for the labor but I had some shirts made with his logo for advertising at matches.

I guess you could get it finished for about $1100 if you don't have to pay for the labor. I like to build them, even though it really doesn't save much money, but I actually HAD to build this one because STI doesn't make an IDPA legal gun. They use bull barrels and IDPA requires a standard profile barrel - hence the bushing (which doesn't appear on a standard STI).


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