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The Glock people are smart. They are the only manufacturer or distributor that runs a match based solely on their guns. Forced me to buy a Glock 34 just to compete in the match. They give out free prize guns and other prizes. Now I own two Glocks (34 & 26). IPSC and IDPA, oh boy you can get a lot of posts on this subject alone. Both are good and have their own slant on things. IPSC is for competitive and you are allowed a lot of competitive type of equipment in both guns and equipment. There are some great shooters In both. IDPA tries to put more emphasis always on the tactical way to do things. IDPA stages based on real life scenarios, use of cover wherever possible and stock guns. Unlike IPSC, IDPA outlaws compensators, bull barrels, ported barrels, fast draw holsters and fast draw mag carriers. Interestingly enough IDPA was founded by IPSC shooters. IPSC is pure competition. And there is nothing wrong with that, its fun and challenging. IDPA is for tactical practice and to develop tactical habits.
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