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I had been sitting in my stand all morning. I was set up at the fork of two trails, swamp behind me, meadow in front. I had been listening to a hog in the swamp behind me for about an hour, sounded like a bull dozer comin thru. I had seen monster hoof prints in the area all week. I knew where he was headed too. I lined up my scope on the spot where I thought he would exit the brush, about 75 yds to my 10 o'clock across the far trail where a clearing opened up. Sure enough, the bushes started movin and I knew it was the biggun. I flipped the safety off and waited for a head. Just as I saw snout poke thru the brush I hear "Hey look! A tree stand!" I look down to see a man and his two small sons pointing up at me from my right. Of course by the time I look back up the hog is in the next county. That would have been my ONLY shot last season. I hadn't seen anything else worth shooting and didn't the rest of the season. They're lucky I'm so damn civilized.
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