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As of a few days ago, we had 26 confirmed shooters. I know there are several shooters in our group who don't have acess to web, so I would guess we'll get 5-10 more who will show up. Being the weekend before Christmas, we seem to have a light turn out. Maybe the last minute Christmas shopping will put people in the mood to shoot.

I have seen the rifle and shotgun courses we will be using, and it should be a hoot.

The two shot gun courses will require 12rnds each. The first is a run and gun field course with 12 pepper poppers. The second is a 12rnd modified speed shoot(some movement, but not alot of running) with 7 pepper poppers, three us poppers, and 2 8" round plates. All of the shotgun targets are steel knock down targets, and will require bird shot for ammo(no buckshot or slugs allowed and no steel shot). I will be using #7.5 or #8 winchester game loads with an improved modified choke. You can use anything from #6-#9, and any choke you want.

The two rifle stages will require 58rnds minimum. The first is a 30rnd standards course, with 3 strings of fire. You will be required to fire from standing, kneeling, and prone positions, with the longest shots at about 40yds. There will be some challengeing shots here. The second rifle stage is a 28rnd minimum, run and gun field course. It will feature some fairly hard shots in the 40yrd range, with some up close and fast stuff thrown in. Bring your running shoes for this one, and you may want to practice your speed reloads.

I haven't seen the pistol courses yet, but I would guess you'll need at least 3 magazines. If you are going to shoot a single stack pistol you'll need even more, as I would imagine there will be at least one pistol stage with around 24rnds minimum. I would bring at least 100 rounds of pistol ammo just to be on the safe side. I'll post an update when I see the final pistol stages.

Unfortuneately the muzzle brake on your rifle will probably put you into the open class, if you want e-mail me a description of it(brand, style, etc.), and I'll run past our tech guy to be sure. I'm not sure I like the open/limited rules much either, as I had to remove the tec-loader from my Bennelli to make limited, and I had to forget about using the reflex I wanted on my car15. Still it should be a lot of fun! If you have to drive 3-4 hours each way, we will probably set you up as a shoot through so you can finish early and get back on the road.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

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