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Ok, here is the latest:
(Edited from our e-mail notification)

MILLENNIUM MATCH - Sunday, December 19, 1999. We are planning on making the
last match of the 1900's something to remember! A three gun match. We are
a bit new to this and may modify the following. We have looked at the
registration form for the Alabama Three Gun Match (which friends swear is
great) and have adopted their criteria.

GENERAL: We will make our standard effort to have a "rule book perfect"
match. But the main thing is to be excessivley safe and have an excess
amount of fun, friendship and camraderie. Hopefully, people will "bring
what they got", shoot it and enjoy it and not worry too much about the
details-at least the really small ones.

FORMAT: There will be 8 stages: 4 pistol, 2 shot gun (25 rds min) and 2
rifle (60-65 rds min). Scoring will be standard IPSC scoring. If one gun
is open, then all guns are open. The standards for shotguns and rifles
generally follow the pistol rules: iron sights and no compensator is
limited and glass sights and compensator is open.

There will be a maximum of 8 round magazines for the limited shotgun and no

MATCH SIZE AND PREREGISTRATION: We aren't quite sure to expect. It will be
a lot of fun, but it is the weekend preceeding Christmas. We don't know if
it will be a small turnout or large match. Since we will be shooting on one
of the shortest days of the year, we will limit the match to 8 squads of 10
shooters each for a total of 80 shooters. You can pre-register (e-mail me with full name)or take your chances, but it will be cut
off at 80 shooters if it gets that big.

VOLUNTEERS: We hope to get underway by 9:30 am. If you can help us with
set-up the Saturday before the match, please do so. We will really need
early help on the Sunday morning of the match. Again, we are looking at
this as our party for ourselves and hope that everyone will look for a way
to contribute.

FREE SCHOOL: We will have our normal free school at 1:30 pm on Saturday,
November 18, 1999.

If you have any additional questions feel free to e-mail me.


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