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This is going to be our first 3-gun match, so we are still working out some of the details.

You don't need to be a member of South River club, or of USPSA to shoot the match. Our usual non-member match fee is $18, and I am pretty sure that is what it will cost to shoot this match.

South River is about 30-40 min. away from Harstfield airport. Here is the map from our web site

I am sorry about the lack of details, this was a last minute idea of ours, our web page hasn't been updated yet, but I will update as information becomes availible.

We are still working on course design/ selection, but right now we are looking at 6 stages. Four pistol, two shotgun, and two rifle. Round counts for the rifle will be around 58 min. and about 25 rounds for shotgun( this is the latest estimate).

I hope to be able to provide complete details by the end of this week.

If anyone is planning on shooting this match please let me know(we are tring to guesstimate the turn out) by posting here or by e-mailing me.

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