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The three gun match is going to be the monthly IPSC match.

I would agree that mixed format stages would be fun, but there was a few considerations we are keeping in mind.
Several people at last year's two gun match(pistol and shotgun) didn't want anything to do with shotguns, so we will have four stages of pistol only, including a classifier, for those who only want to fire a pistol. Additionally, there are several of us who can't fit the additional rifle and shotgun crap on our IPSC rigs. Our intention is to squad the competiters in such a way as to have the individual squads shoot the stages by format. That is to say, your squad will shoot all of the rifle, then all of the pistol, and then all of the shotgun stages; otherwise you would have to swap your shooting rig at every stage, which would take up too much time.

This match is going to be a test of sorts. If it goes well, we may have a georgia state 3 gun match, which would have mixed stages, and more total stages as well.

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