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I'm sitting in my climbing stand this past Saturday afternoon, and while I am doing my very best to be perfectly still, I keep hearing flying insects by my head. I finally start looking around and notice a small honey bee buzzing around my head. I take a swat at him, knock him down below me and think problem solved. Well, a few seconds later I realize I hear LOT'S of wings flapping and they sound really close. I had climbed right up to a knot-hole in the tree that was the entrance to the bees hive. Not much I could do at that point. They had already sounded the alarm when I swatted their guard. I was climbing down as fast as I could with my escorts all over me. I did not get stung but for the grace of God, and layered clothing.

That is my luck in a nutshell. Before the bee attack I also succeeded in dropping my backpack which was tied to the climber with parachute chord. My knot had come untied. While trying to hook my now fallen back-pack with the chord & my grunt call, I dropped my bow. Did I also mention that I had to take the stand up in the tree TWICE trying to get the settings right (angle) for the foot platform? Do these things happen to you guys or is it just me?

For the record, a grunt call works wonders for hooking fallen items with. I recommend the Buck Commander call. Oh it also doubles for a deer call too! Now if I could climb trees with it, all my problems would be solved.

Gun season starts in Texas this weekend-Happy Hunting Everyone!!!!
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