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Here's a quick list of some others:

Skeet - shotgun against aerial targets

Trap - similar to skeet

Sporting Clays - similiar to skeet and trap but uses a "field" course

Olympic/UIT Free Pistol - precision .22 pistol shooting at 50 meters, one hand, open sights

Olympic/UIT Rapid Fire Pistol - requires quick, accurate shooting at five (?) turning targets with a .22 pistol

IHMSA - knocking over steel silhouettes at 25-200 yards with a handgun

Bullseye - precision shooting with .22 and .45 pistols

Pin Shooting - a short-range contest to shoot a set of bowling pins off a table as quickly as possible

Benchrest - rifle shooting for small groups over sandbags

SASS - Single Action Shooting Society; similar to IPSC but with Old West-style guns

Obviously, these descriptions sacrifice accuracy for brevity. What sort of competition interests you?

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