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Ricky T,

Thanks for the response. I failed to mention in my initial post that I was already an avid IDPA shooter. I see by your profile you are an engineer from Atlanta. I'm a designer with an engineering firm here in middle Tennessee.

I've been shooting IDPA for three years and helped found the IDPA affiliated Middle Tennessee Shooters Club two years ago. I'm painfully aware of "the box" and the whole reason for this project was to get the mag capacity to 10 rounds (been using a Caspian single stack 8 rounder). I was at the Nationals last year (lucked into a third place in CDP/MM) and our club hosted the Tennessee State Championships last year. I changed to ESP/SS for that one and got lucky again with a win. If you are an IDPA'er you ought to drive a few hours and join us this October. If you make it to the Nationals I'll be one of the SO's but I don't know what stage yet.

Anyway, the gun is 100% IDPA legal except for the mags (no mag well) and I thought the mags would be flush fit since they were listed as the "standard" size. I have been told the 120mm mags will work if they have the "carry" pad installed. Can I get a confirmation?

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