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Anyone familiar with STI/SV guns,

I just got finished with a new IDPA gun in 40 caliber built on an STI standard
dust cover frame and slide. I have 10 pre-ban hi-cap standard length
(126mm) mags with carry base pads which I bought for dual use, IDPA and
IPSC Limited, but, alas, the gun won't fit in the IDPA box with these mags.

I see in Brownell's where SV makes a "duty" mag, which is advertised at 2
rounds less capacity than the standard, but they don't list a length. I also
see that STI makes a 120mm mag but they say it's for the 3.9 frame only.
With the 126mm mag inserted in the gun there is a 10mm gap between the
base pad and the gun butt so it appears the 120mm with the same pad
would fit but I would like to know for sure before I buy them.

Which mag do IDPA shooters use in their guns? Any help will be appreciated.

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