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Spray painting an AR/Coyote Tan

First of all, I need some advice on painting my own rifles.
I get the whole painting techniques and spraying in even coats so it doesnt drip. But even after successfuly painting and once its all dried, some coats feel sticky (I used the tactical non reflective spray here)
Is there another type of spray I can get that will be smooth?

With AR's its gonna be very tricky, I'm gonna leave parts like the whole sight group, safety level, trigger, mag release and unpainted.
The parts I cant take off the carry handle, like he sight group, I'll cover with tape and I was even thinking of covering it with children's clay, that should work even better.
I also plan on painting the picatinny rails which I can already see as a bad idea, the rails themselves are finely machined and I feel the paint is just gonna get in the smallest cracks, and just ruin the look and quality.

All the coyote tan sprays I've used have been too dark. I'm looking for something that almost looks yellow/khaki or light green.
like on this SCAR.

(these arent my pics)
this is what my results looked like

and...this is what I want

cant seem to find that shade of tan anywhere
last question...would a paint thinner completly take the paint off?
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