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I had eased the bolt forward on my BAR
I did this to a buddy accidentally... I returned to the camp house on foot before the others arrived on four wheeler to pick me up from my stand.
It was drizzling and I was using his Marlin .30-30 as it was an unplanned after work trip and he was my employer. I wiped down the rifle I used and as they got in a bit colder than me, I went to wiping down the other 4 rifles used that evening...

I got to the bosses BAR and emptied it and wiped it down, I reloaded it as he wished and instead of dropping the bolt on a hot round inside the camphouse, I eased it down... The next day he put the scope on the biggest 10 pointer he ever seen in FLA both body and rack and it didn't even click... Man he was miffed at me... But I apologized and assured him it was just my safety habit and I was not familiar with the lock up method of the BAR...
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