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Hi Rob, I saw from your profile that you are Reserve LEO. The next time you are out and about look at the potential distances you might have to shoot as a LEO. I think that you will find some of them even farther than 20 yds. For example: In my small town if you come out of the coffee shop and there is a bank robbery across the street, it is 27 yds from where I would take cover behind the brick planter across the street to the door of the bank. Anyway most shots in IDPA are supposed to be 15 yds or less.
On the scoring; there is a Failure To Neutralize penalty if you don't get enough points on a target. That will take care of the problem of shooting really fast and missing. The penalties will keep the hosers from winning like in IPSC. You have to get decent hits to win, just like in real life. Bill
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