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I've nto made up my mind yet, but I'm leaning..

In another discussion this evening I realized an even more gross conflict with reality:

You are more penalized for the difference between a Sternum hit (A) and a Gut or side-chest Shot (C) than you are for the difference between a Gut shot and a complete MISS!!

The difference between a sternum and a gut is 1.5 seconds, but the difference between a Gut and a miss is only 1 second. uhg !!

the one saving grace is that apparently there is (according to reports I heard from an SO/RO meeting that was run by the big guys at IDPA) a move to encourage the UNlimited Vicker scoring. This, as I understand it, would mean that you could unload as many rounds as you want at a target, and only the highest hits will be scored. That means If I see a C hit, I can take an additional 6 shots to try to hit the A zone (6 shots can easily be fired in 1.5 seconds) and I'll still be better off. If this is true and the matches reflect this scoring system, IDPA may have a lot more going for it than I initially thought.

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