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I was told by the guy who runs the club I was at that I could jsut show up with "our group" and I'd be fine.. that I could pay Saturday.. let me know if you think different. I just sent my IDPA app in today, and he's going to call IDPA on Thurs or Fri to give them my numbers...

The funny thing is that you can't HIT fast enough to make up for not hitting the center of the target. A 4 inch "miss" from the center zone is worth 1.5 seconds !! That means if you take 1.45 extra seconds to shoot the center of the target, PER SHOT.. you'd be better off than hitting the target on the "outer area" (50 % of the target). Considering that I shot whole whole strings in under 2 seconds, that seems a little absurd to me.

Assuming I hit the target with all three shots in 2 seconds, but all -3s, I could more than triple my time on a 3 shot string and score higher, assuming center hits in 6.25 seconds.

The first scenario would lead to a score of:
2 seconds + (9 x .5 seconds) = 6.5 second score
second scenario would yield:
6.25 seconds + (O penalties) = 6.25 second score

If I am in a gun fight with three people, I would MUCH rather hit all three guys with body shots in 2 seconds, than hit them each in the sternum in over 6. That means the last guy shot has time to THINK ABOUT IT before he kills you, probably the second guy too.

I won't be happy until I find a competition that appreciates the tactical philosophy of "If all the shots are in the X-Ring, you are shooting too slow".

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