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If by suppressor, you mean SILENCER...

You say you're new to pistols. I may be assuming too much, and if so, forgive me, but if not:

I think you'll find it's not that simple. (I've not owned one, but have talked with folks who have.)

First, suppressors/silencers are tightly controlled by most states and/or federal law -- and you may spend more on the license you need to purchase and own a suppressor (and the parts you need) than you did on the gun.

You will probably need a new barrel, longer, so that it can be threaded to accept a suppressor. For a .380, a custom barrel may be a bit difficult to find. And, the suppressor itself won't be cheap.

One step at at time. Find out what's required for you to legally have a suppressor/silencer in your state...

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