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Okay, I;ve been talked into going to a IDPA shoot this weekend. A guy I train with has gone twice while I;ve been out of town over the last few weeks and he has convinced my to go with him on Sunday.

What he is not clear on (and neither is the IDPA site) is what guns I need to bring. I really don't feel like cross referencing the limited lists on the IDPA site, so maybe a TFL member can help me out.

From what I can see there are five classes, SSP, ESP, CDP, SSR, and BU.

I want to shoot the main division (SSP ?) with my G23 or G35. If the G35 will fit in SSP, is there another class for the G23 ??

The IDPA site says I can shoot BU with the GLock 30, which seems like cheating, but if they'll let me, I will.

If I have a Custom 1911 Caspian that seems to fit in CDP, but it is a .40 not a .45... where can I shoot it? (ESP?)

I have a S&W model 19 or a Ruger Speed Six for the Revolver class.

Among the other guns that I might like to shoot are the following:

EAA Witness 10mm
S&W Shorty .40
S&W .40Limited (with extended mag release & mag guide)
Sig P228
HK USP .45 full size
Taurus PT99
S&W 642
Glock 20
Glock 34

Perhaps someone could draw me a clear picture of where each of the guns mentioned above fit. That way I can gauge the best approach to shooting as many classes as possible on Sunday.


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