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I was hunting with a Rem 760 (mag fed pump gun) in .270 Win. Had a big ole doe sneaking across a skidder road in the woods about 75 yards out.

I had taken my father-in-law and brother-in-law with me and neither of them had brought a flashlight to get to their stands, so I gave them mine and went to my stand in the dark. Still in the dark, I inserted the loaded mag, pumped the gun to chamber one and sat down.

Unfortunately, I had not locked the mag in place well and the gun did not feed a round into the chamber.

Carefully putting the crosshairs JUST where I wanted them on the deer, I applied trigger pressure. The smallest little 'click' you ever heard was the only result, except that the big ole doe absolutely turned wrong side out, kicked in the afterburners and is probably STILL running!
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