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Nothing`s FREE in this world. No government program, no 'free add' giveaways and surely no wildlife management programs. Somebody down the road pays for these programs. Problem is people don`t dig deep enough to see just who is paying for 'free' programs. Most anit-hunters I`ve ever talked to are animal lovers but don`t ever research who actually does the most to support, financially as well as population control, of the animals they so dearly love to go to the woods and photograph. Without the massive support of hunters/hunting organizations some of these animals just simply wouldn`t be there and many species would be alot less abundant. Also, there`s been some big strides in alot of rural area`s where harvested deer are feeding the needy. This helps out our 'free ' welfare system. Just another fact the anti`s don`t know or stop to consider.
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