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Nice run.

As for cover and shooting positions in IPSC, yes we do have that. There are "classifier" stages that are published with exact dimensions and target locations so that every club sets them up the same. Some involve what is commonly referred to as a Bianchi barricade.

We had a stage that was used as a classifier with three targets (back two 12 feet apart, front one in the middle about 4 feet forward). The center target has two No-Shoots on it about half way up. Had to crouch under a bar behind the barricade to put 1 round on each target and then change positions and put one round on each target again. Do same again from opposite side and then a third string where you put two rounds on each, reload and change position and two rounds on each again.

We shot the classifier and then set up a box right in front of the barricade. Since we were indoors and wanted a high round count match, we "re-used" the same target setup, but with a different stage description. It went something like "Engage T1 with 6 rounds, perform a mandatory reload, engage T2 with six rounds, perform a mandatory reload and engage T3 with 6 rounds". 18 rounds total with 2 reloads. This tested reloading ability and shot to shot recovery.

My time was 7.88 seconds, down 2 points with the Open gun. The results aren't out yet, but I think I won that stage. <big grin>

Is this real life. No, it's a game. Do I think it helped my ability to shoot my defensive gun? Absolutely.

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