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[QUOTE][More whitetail deer in the US than when the white man settled the country.
None of the increase can be clained by Friends of Animals or PETA. In fact, the hunters have been eating tasty whitetails by the thousands since. /QUOTE]

I agree 100 percent. I can recall the time years ago that to see a whitetail deer around my house was like a UFO sighting. It just did not happen. To find deer to hunt we had to drive miles away and at times on game lands. Even then I would hunt for weeks and not see the first buck. Now days I have deer in the area near my house and it is great to see. I have been told that a big buck has been spotted just across the creek from the house more than once. To harvest a nice buck near my house would be great. My normal hunting location is more than 240 miles from where I live. For years we have had to lease land in a more deer populated area. The buck ratio where we lease land is about 5 bucks per square mile. Where I live it is about 1 buck per 2 square miles, they list it as .5 bucks per square mile so i guess you could say 1 buck per 2 square miles. Also where I live it is buck only until the very last day of the season, which is only 3 weeks. Where I lease land its is either sex deer hunting for 4 months.

PETA and those groups are so radical and self centered that they can't see the benefit from hunting. Animals are going to die either by gun, car, disease, starvation or in some cases old age. The gun option is the most painless way and like I said before we must have population control.
Speaking of cars, people would be surprised to see how many human lives are lost in deer / car collisions a year plus the property damage aspect of it.
Well next week I am going to hit the woods and do my part, that deer tenderloin sure does tatse good.....
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