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The original question was, would shooting IPSC help in dealingl w/ multiple targets ?

Yes, it would.

IPSC started in 1976, when a GREAT run on the "El Presidente" course of fire was 10 seconds.....Now, it's under four seconds.

(the "El Prez" has 3 targets 10 yds downrange, 1 yd apart. Shooter starts w/ back towards targets, wrists above shoulders. At signal, he turns, draws, shoots each one twice, reloads, and shoots each one twice again. 12 shots w/ one reload.)

IPSC is like a smorgasbord.....take what you want, leave what you don't.

If you object to the Open Race Guns or holsters, then don't use them ! Use what makes sense for YOU !

If you're shooting on your own or w/ buddies, do you use a timer ? Do you know how fast you REALLY are ?

A rule of thumb tto know when you're "pretty good" is when you can draw and fire two shots on a 7 yd target in 1.5 seconds......but without a shot timer, you'll never know. A stopwatch is a good GUESS, but that's all it is.

IDPA has many good things going for it, but it FORCES you to shoot it "their" way, and that's not always the right way. You MUST load from slide-lock, unless REQUIRED to do a "tactical reload."

Too many courses of fire in IDPA do NOT allow you to make up a shot you know missed....and that is street relevant how ?

Don't get me wrong, I shoot both and will continue to do so, as EACH has their place.

IPSC will optimize your speed and gunhandling skills, while IDPA emphasizes accuracy......both are GOOD things, are they not ?


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