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Was with the first IPSC shooters in Buenos Aires, starting the sport 15 years ago (?). It was still very much as Jeff Cooper and co. had designed it - courses were even designed to allow pistol and revolver to compete together (our runner up champ was shot a S&W 357) very little was custom on the guns - grips, sights, some tuning. The second or third year in we decided to run a series of matches with LEO's and guys from the armed services (army, marines, coast guard even the prison guard services) - I recall one of the range officers shaken and pale coming in from an event: "jeez, the safest place is in front of the targets" - No fault of theirs: wearing a uniform, especially a LEO, was (still is) one of the lowest paying jobs in this country; the keen shooters would 'trade favors' among their colleagues to extend their miserable allotment of practice ammo.
Certainly, under these circumstances, a civilian with a good income would have a substantial edge over most in a confrontation. Those LEOs that participated, in turn, were way ahead of their buddies that didn't.
Now, with space guns and the sport so stylized (didn' Col. Cooper and Mr. Alexacos have an argument about that? The IPSC prez Alexacos said i think something to the effect that it had to be, to be 'politically correct' for an international sport) I'm not so sure there would be such an edge.
A disadvantage, sometimes, 'double tapping' but a gain in 'target acquisition' sure...
The compromise with IDPA sounds best.

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