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I look at matches, IDPA or whatever as a chance to test myself. Part of whether the test is valid is if you did anything that could get you injured in an actual confrontation. So far, nobody has mentioned use of cover and putting distance between yourself and your assailants. IDPA does some of that, but if Thaddeus's group is testing each other that way, he'll come out ahead of what happens in IDPA and way ahead of IPSC.

The notion of reloading in the open and looking for a box to stand in all the time could get you hurt. This isn't a flame on IPSC, but if you practice a particular set of motions enough, that's what you'll do when the manure hits the rotating ventilator.

Going back to the beginning of this thread, we haven't discussed the order that you would use to tag the 4 thugs in HS's scenario or whether you would duck behind one of those nice concrete pillars that are in parking garages. With that many BG's, one shot apiece and some fancy footwork until you can reasses would probably save your bacon.

The biggest problem about practicing this type of scenario or using it in a match is the lack of realistic moving targets to simulate the 4 directions those BG's are going to take when they see you have your PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). Do they all need to be tagged or are some going to turn and run (prudent response to a legally armed citizen), allowing you to go about your business. Remember, 99.99999% of life is going to be "no-shoot" situations.

Thats my $.035 worth.

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