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Something interesting here: you notice how these things aren't spitting metal back at the shooter?

From top to bottom: we know what happened with the bad batch of Redhawk barrels. The wrong lube was put on barrels on Friday, dried out by Monday, barrels got over-torqued.

The second is damned impressive. A bad round blew but NO pieces scattered. Very cool from a safety perspective.

In the third, we see a fairly typical Ruger blowup. The topstrap bends buts holds, cylinder cuts loose. Metal goes sideways, not straight back.

In the fourth it was worse but wow, it STILL won't throw metal backwards. Nice.

These pics are I presume in response to a blown-up S&W pic recently. Which lost it's entire topstrap which went God only knows where, possibly straight back. Not as cool.

You can blow anything up. Worst case, a Ruger is less likely to hurt you in doing so. These pictures aren't a condemnation of Ruger but rather a vindication of their metallurgy.

I trust my life to a Ruger daily, and nothing in these pics causes me to regret it.
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