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OK .... this is just my opinion, and we all know about them!im using a tsn821/27 er.good 200 im not reading the wind thru the scop just using flags the target is big enough and forgiving enough.At 300 during prep im focused 2/3 to the target usning the scope for mirage watching flags and scoping alternately for a good comparison (this is after im set up and ready to shoot).when the targets come up i dont go to the scope again untill its over cant see the .223 holes any way unless i have realy blown it and they are in the white. just check the flags and go!try to be quick and get it done before the wind changes im usualy done in 50 600 its a new game lots of time my routine is as follows: shoot , GUN TO SAFE, call, round in gun bolt still back(dont want it to get hot), spot the target in scope, release bolt, shoot.... now record score for first round make second call...and start over. i dont mess with the focus during the firing time but during prep i like to focus 2/3 to the target( at say 400 ydsdown range) and judge mirage. during the firing time i revert to just flags. you could keep changing the focus and scoring and messing with things but i think its more important to get it done quick so the conditions dont changeusualy my first and secon shot is the only time i will adjust the sights after that im usualy ok. if your not your going to be chasing the wind and the bull and your screwed..... like i said this is just my opinion but it works for me the prone is my best position i can usually shoot about 190 to 193 of 200
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