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OK, by Friday my Kowa TSN 821 with the 27X LER eyepiece should be here.

Now, I am looking for some guidance as to how you use your spotting scope in shooting highpower, especially Service Rifle.

Where do you focus for each range. What is your procedure for "de-focusing"?

Does anyone "pan" from near to far observing the mirage?

Most especially what is your sequence for shooting a round in 600 prone? Please be specific, when to check wind, load, fire, call, record in score book, etc.

I shot last season with an old Bushnell Sentry, and hope to get more out of my use of the scope this season. Also, feel free to comment on the intrument itself, is this a satisfacory value?

At nearly $600 I am hoping to be able to see .223 holes in good light in the black at 200. Can I reasonably expect to do that?

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