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Read this completely a couple of times:

Good information on the process of fire lapping a Douglas barrel. Clint Fowler has some good ideas on the assembly of a good black rifle.

Build up a post ban gun, there is no advantage to a flash suppressor and it can have a negative impact on accuracy. It certainly never significantly improves it.

I like the Armalite two stage NM trigger.
JP Enterprises has a trigger that you might look at. The Compass Lake system also has followers. On a budget, maybe shoot the stock trigger for a while. I would put money first in the barrel and sights. Then the trigger.

IMHO the free floating sleeve is a must!

Use a good leather sling.
See my website.

Spring for the NM sights, and be advised that in an A2 the elevation clicks are 1/3 not half or quarter. The windage clicks are half.

Use good brass, and trim it to 1.750.

Sierra 69s or 77s for short range (2 and 300)
and 80s for the midrange (600). Much contorversy about the benfits of moly coating for the bullets. I do, and think you should too! Ease of cleaning, (hence less barrel wear) and longer barrel life.

Vihta Vuori Oy N540 for everything.
Most here are using CCI primers.

Email me, if you are serious, I might be able to help.

Ni ellegimit carborundum esse!

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