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Fargo, the stock gun will work on reduced course matches and on full courses up to about a low expert score. i have friends that do it. dont buy the wieght use som sand in a bag then stuff the stock with a rag to fill the rest. the gun should ballance at the fwd edge of the mag well. get 1/2 min sights and a good trigger(bushmaster compass lakes) is the best at low price. the post ban would be better as you said the flash supressor is just another variable,I dont think it would destabilize the bullet but it is another variable. If you are going to assemble the upper yourself you can get a good douglas barrel at not to high a price. just have the chamber cut with a tight short throat by some one that knows what they are doing . ship them your bolt with the barrel so it can be head spaced together as a match set.......any way if you dont want to spend to much start with your stock gun and build up as your scores come up most of all have fun
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