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I am seriously considering getting started in high power DCM rifle competition through my schools rifle and pistol team. I have 2 BM's that I could use to compete. One is a pre-ban Dissipator and I also have an assembled post-ban lower. Since I am in school (paying for school, not guns) and will be building this gun with donations from aunts, uncles, grandparent's etc... I don't want to spend lots of money because I don't plan on getting much. Should I build up my post-ban gun or my pre-ban lower? Which would be the most cost-effective way to go? Would it be possible to build an accurate AR without breaking the bank? What parts do I REALLY NEED and what do I want to stay away from. Have you seen people competitively compete with a totally stock A2 with no free float handguard and all of the other bells and whistles? Could I compete with a totally stock rifle? Should I use the post-ban because it will be more accurate (no flash suppressor to destabilize the bullet) and save the wear and tear on my prized pre-ban?

P.S. What are some low cost tricks and tips to make a standard AR more accurate? Have any of you guys used one of those lead weights that you put in the buttstock? Thanks guys for your input.

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