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It is good to find this forum.
I found the link from the Kansas State Militia Home Page.
Following the Greensburg tornado in Kansas,
my father and I pulled a seventeen foot trailer to town to help my Uncle clean out his destoryed home. (a picture of my uncle in said home is in the People magazine issue following the Greensburg Tornado- a center-piece picture).
I was disgusted to see that ATF had ransacked all properties in the city prior to allowing citizens back into town, and had comandeered TWO SEMI TRACTOR TRAILER's full of Citizen's firearms. The ATF officer showed off a few special pieces which he claimed were obviously 'illegal'. I asked him 'how do you know the owner didnt have a permit, or purchase that gun decades ago, and is a rightful owner, law-abiding citizen, and taxpayer? His response was, 'it doesnt matter, no citizen needs firepower like this'. It was frustrating,
and to top it all off, my father and I had to park our trailer OUTSIDE of town, then carry items salvaged from the tornado by hand to one of two trucks, drive the items outside of town to our trailer, load them onto the trailer, then drive the trailer to my uncles storage shed in another town, and unload them again.

That day was an eye-opening experience, first-hand, with the true nature of that which the American citizen must struggle against in order to one day regain his constitutional rights.

A thank you to all American citizens that have served in the Armed Forces, or served to provide services and support to the Armed Forces in any capacity. Also, a note of appreciation to those who have had loved ones killed in action. My family and I thank you, and support you wherever we find you. My children are only 10 and 6, but both are aware that it is the men and women of the Armed Forces who allow us the now-limited constitutional freedoms we still possess, and work to continue to provide the ability for each American to achieve his or her will.

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