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Rich Lucibella
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Shot a local IDPA match yesterday. Good group of guys and ladies. Some draw from belly bands and fanny packs; many are shooting their Glock 26/27 rather than succumbing to the temptation to drag out the 22/23 (or 24). Obviously, this group is into learning more than pure competition.

One thing I did notice is that virtually none performs a scan at the end of the stage, let alone a tac load. At the risk of slowing down the shoot, I did both at the end of each stage. Even though we were running a cold range, neither RO gave me a hassle for doing the Tac Load at finish and then pausing to unload. In fact, I was commended by one.

Question: In your local clubs, do you encourage such actions, even at the risk of others rolling their eyes? (Remember Hilton's valid comment that the scan should include checking your six without violating the 180 rule.)
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