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The way to mount rings is to use a dowel rod. Most mfgrs sell a steel rod (30mm, 1 in. etc) that substitutes for the scope upon initial installation. For extreme accuracy requirements that is a given. You can make your own dowel (preferably metal) but for the application that you're using I wouldn't worry about the rings being are enough out of line to worry.
The ahesive strips are indeed for slippage. Under recoil your scope may slide in the mount. These control the slippage by gripping better than the smooth surface of the metal rings.
As per securing the rings,haven't used the seeping thread lock compound. I just loosen, apply thread lock and tighten the threads same as I would an automobile tire; work the opposite corners (front-left back-right etc). Also use the same amount of torque on each bolt to prevent warpage.
Good luck shooting and don't forget to check those rings for tightness every once in a while.
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