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Wow! Thank You! You guys are great! Now those are responses!

I'll be on the phone soon, I'm not even going to wait for the replacement ring, the fact that they don't fit the Weaver brand base I got for the pre-drilled S&W L frame seems bad enough.

Shot my Ruger .22 with it's new Weaver 2x scope (thanks again Santa!) with the wonderful stock Ruger rings (!), and it was a pleasure. No shiming needed, it started 3/4" low and 1" to the left, at 25yds. A few clicks later and I could keep 10 shots in a 1" bullseye, off a plastic rest. Me very happy!

Thank you again and again for the terrific responses, I searched and searched the Web with the usual engines and couldn't find somebody selling 30mm rings. I did find some vague mention on the Burris site itself, but they had absolutely no contact info except email, and I was in a "talkie" mood.
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