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Paper-patching a .429 inner diameter case to accept a .308 diameter projectile, and putting a .308 barrel onto a Super Redhawk frame: Possible?

Would a paper-patch give a similar result as the sealing method described, or would it just bind up the gun?

I suppose I could come up with some re-usable aluminum sabots and fit a rubber o-ring around the end to cushion the impact on the forcing cone and have the sabot bounce back a bit and not tie up the cylinder, otherwise. It's not like the sabot goes down range.

Would you expect such a weapon tends to stretch the frame from the sabot impact, even with a paltry 150gr bullet at a mere 1000fps? It's barely a .38 special when you really think about it...

What would be better in your opinion: A recreation of the Knight's revolver rifle, or a NFA SRH rifle in .44 or .454? The Knight gas system seems like it eliminates the forcing cone gases and makes it possible to use a forward grasp of the rifle stock. A regular .44 or .454 SRH would be impossible to grasp forward, I would think.
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