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Red Arrow scope performance on .444

I am with the other guys - but would suggest a little more specific attention.
Check that the rings and bases are tight to the gun's frame.
Then shoot a three round group - let the rifle cool - check to see that "you have a group" - doesn't matter at this point whether you're at 25 yds or 100 yds.
Now adjust scope to create "zero", that is hitting on the spot you are aiming.
Let rifle cool again, now move to 100yds. Adjust scope to attain zero (what kind of shooting range do you want to have with this combo?).
As long as groups hold together - and you're not dragging the trigger or flinching the shot, your scope is fine and you only have ~20 rounds' expense in it.
If the individual rounds scatter, and won't group, then I'd start with mounts not being tight, then move to ammo. Even the economy scopes should provide a consistent hit, resulting in "good groups". On a .444, I'd expect 2" at 100yds consistently.
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