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Movie Gun: DA Revolving Rifle

I saw a movie several years ago, I don't remember the name of it...

At one point a bad-guy sniper was setting up position to take a shot at someone (the movie is really fuzzy to me at this point) and the gun he was using was a Ruger Super Redhawk with a buttstock attached in place of a standard revolver grip and a long barrel. I think it was longer than the standard 9.5" barrel, but I might be wrong.

Anyone know the movie I'm talking about, and does anyone else remember this gun?

How would you go about getting a DA revolver converted to be an SBR? Would that be an NFA request and a custom build from Ruger's custom shop, or can you do it with an existing handgun?

While it obviously has drawbacks (forward hand placement due to the cylinder gap being foremost), I'd like to have something like that in my collection just for oddity's sake.
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