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guys, i envy you . i missed pheasant season the last 2 years in a row.

I am a native south dakotan. most of the family is up in north east south dakota, but my family farm (2k acres) is in yankton and bonhomme counties) great pheasant hunting down in that neck of the woods. the ex's family has around 3k of ranch land near winner, sd, and good hunting as well, but the pheasants are more abundant in my area due to more corn.

also, don't know if they changed the rules recently, but back when i grew up you could hunt the ditches as long as you were not withing a few hundred yards of livestock. some great hunting the ditches and railroad tracks if you don't have public land or permission to use private land. also north eastern nebraska is great for pheasant hunting and they have lots of small public parcels you can hunt.
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